Japanese Wife Next Door #2

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Jul 272011

Every choice you make can change the course of your life. This is the premise of THE JAPANESE WIFE NEXT DOOR series. Beginning exactly the same as Part One, a businessman’s life is almost complete; all he needs is a wife. He meets two women… and this time he marries the rich one — whose family just happens to be a bunch of sado-masochistic sociopaths!

Directed by ‘Mr. Pink,’ Yutaka Ikejima, and starring the sexy Yazaki Akane and with a special appearance by erotic bombshell Reiko Yamaguchi, star of part one, the JAPANESE WIFE NEXT DOOR – PART 2 is a raunchy and bizarre erotic comedy!


Directed by Yutaka Ikejima Starring Naohiro Hirakawa, Reiko Yamaguchi Kikujiro Honda, and Yazaki Akane

Genre – Bizarre Comedy Year- 2004TRT – 61:00


DVD Features

• Japanese Language with English Subtitles• Featurette: Interview with Director Yutaka Ikejima • Featurette: Interview with Star Reiko Yamaguchi • Featurette: Interview with Composer Hitomi Oba • 5.1 Surround Sound • Widescreen Presentation • THE JAPANESE WIFE NEXT DOOR: Part 2 International Movie Trailers • Cast and Crew Biographies and Filmographies • Still Image Slideshow • Original Japanese Artwork • Sneak Peek: More PINK EIGA Trailers

Japanese BDSM playtime


Fucking father-in-law reverse cowgirl style


Camdelit perverts - JapanPinkFilms.com


Whore Angels

Whore Angels

Komasa is a cow-girl drifter who works at the whore house, “Hot-Lips”. One day, she saves the life of Monroe, a pink-haired woman, who is being attacked by a demon. Monroe gets a job at “Hot Lips” where it’s quickly discovered that her blowjobs have magical healing powers. Soon she’s the most popular girl there […]

The Japanese Wife Next Door

The Japanese Wife Next Door

A businessman’s life is almost complete; all he needs is a wife. He meets two prospective women… But ends up marrying the one who’s a secret nympho! Unable to satisfy her lust, the new wife seduces the rest of his family — including the businessman’s sister and grandpa!

Directed by “Mr. Pink,” Yutaka Ikejima, and starring the erotic bombshell, Reiko Yamaguchi, the JAPANESE WIFE NEXT DOOR is a hilarious and nasty erotic comedy! The film had its North American premier at the prestigious 2009 New York Asian Film Festival.

Directed by Yutaka Ikejima

Sexy TimeTrip Ninjas

Sexy TimeTrip Ninjas

Sasuke the Ninja is tasked with finding a hidden treasure that will reestablish his clan. His only obstacle is the sexy ninja Kagero, who wants the riches for her rival clan.
When they fall through a rift in time to 1980s Tokyo, they must put aside their differences and use their wits — and bodies — to survive!
Academy Award® Winner Yojiro Takita (”Departures”) directs this hilarious and sexy ninja adventure!
Directed by Yojiro Takita


Yukijiro Hotaro, Yuka Takemura, Arisa Shindo, & Yuko Aoki

Sexy Battle Girls

Sexy Battle Girls

Mirai gets transferred to a private all-girl’s school where she soon discovers it not only educates girls, it also pimps them out to horny politicians. After learning that the evil headmaster is an insatiable pervert who is responsible for ripping apart her family, Mirai undergoes special training to take down the headmaster and close the school, once and for all.

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