“COMING OUT” Directed by Osamu Sato

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Sep 122013

Coming Out

Reiko, engaged to her boyfriend, Aki, meets a lesbian girl on a train who opens her up to the lesbian world. Reiko finds herself attracted to the girl, and is then pressured to make a difficult decision about her fiance and her beautiful new friend who shows Reiko the pleasures of lesbian love. The film touches upon the delicate question of social acceptance of alternative lifestyles in the closed Japanese society of today. And it also has some steamy girl-on-girl erotica scenes!


Directed by Osamu Sato
Starring Kyoko Natsume, Nancy and Kyoko Hayami.

Running time: 64 mins.



Directed by Yutaka IkejimaStarring Hotaru Hazuki, Yuya Ishikawa,
and Noriko Masaki

Genre – Suspense
Year– 2002

TRT – 62:00

Japanese Wife Next Door #2

Japanese Wife Next Door #2

Directed by Yutaka ‘Mr. Pink’ Ikejima, and starring the sexy Yazaki Akane and with a special appearance by erotic bombshell Reiko Yamaguchi, star of part one, the JAPANESE WIFE NEXT DOOR – PART 2 is a raunchy and bizarre erotic comedy!

New Film By Yutaka Ikejima - Twilight Dinner

New Film By Yutaka Ikejima – Twilight Dinner

Two beautiful sisters, Maya and Tsukiko, move into the apartment next to Kazu. He falls in love with the younger sister, Maya. However, he is seduced by her older sister, Tsukiko, with whom he has a sexual relationship. After this he has unbearable sexual desire without discrimination towards men and woman…   Winner of the […]

Sexy TimeTrip Ninjas

Sexy TimeTrip Ninjas

Sasuke the Ninja is tasked with finding a hidden treasure that will reestablish his clan. His only obstacle is the sexy ninja Kagero, who wants the riches for her rival clan.
When they fall through a rift in time to 1980s Tokyo, they must put aside their differences and use their wits — and bodies — to survive!
Academy Award® Winner Yojiro Takita (”Departures”) directs this hilarious and sexy ninja adventure!
Directed by Yojiro Takita


Yukijiro Hotaro, Yuka Takemura, Arisa Shindo, & Yuko Aoki

Anarchy in (JA) Panty

Anarchy in (JA) Panty

MIZUKI is infertile. Desperate for a child, she kidnaps a baby boy from the car of a couple who are screwing outside. Mizuki raises the boy and names him YOSHIKI. Eight years later, Mizuko falls in love with a loser named TATSUTOSHI and together they start a dysfunctional family that doesn’t follow any rules, except […]

A Lonely Cow Weeps At Dawn - Limited Edition

A Lonely Cow Weeps At Dawn – Limited Edition

This Limited Edition is Autographed by director Daisuke Gotoh. [eshop_addtocart] Story : A young widow, Noriko, lives with her senile father-in-law, Shukichi, on a farm. He believes his favorite cow, long gone, is still alive. Noriko pretends to be the cow and lets him milk her – a satisfying arrangement for them both. Shukichi’s daughter […]

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